Competitive Events Guidelines

HOSA Handbook Section B - The HOSA Competitive Events Program:

A necessary instructional resource for HOSA chapter members and the local Health Science teacher/HOSA advisor is Section B. Section B provides all current information pertaining to the HOSA Competitive Events Program to enhance leadership and technical skill development in the classroom and to guide competition at the local, district/regional, state and international levels.  This publication includes General Rules and Regulations; specific Competitive Events Guidelines (including competency based performance rating sheets); and Competitive Event Appendices - all pertaining to administration of, preparation for and participation in HOSA competitive events.
Updates: For more information on guideline updates, please see item #46 in the General Rules and Regulations.
  • 2.23.20 = Life Threatening Situations skill times have been updated.
  • 2.4.20 = MRC Partnership Rubric has been updated to clarify the number of items included in the binder pockets.
  • 12.19.19 = Medical Assisting event guidelines have been updated to include Health History and Medical Office Registration links.
  • 11.11.19 = Event guidelines are not required to be shown at ILC.  Check with your State Advisor regarding guideline requirements for Regional and State Conferences.
  • 10.31.19= PSA guidelines were reposted to correct points errors and add the combined rating sheet.
  • 10.27.19 = Dental Science has been reposted to change the total points for Skill V.
  • 10.14.19 = Health Care Issues Exam and Organizational Leadership guidelines were reposted to clarify that Voting Delegates will be allowed to participate in both of these events.
  • 10.10.19 = Pharmacology, Pharmacy Science and Epidemiology guidelines were reposted to clarify that calculators are now allowed in the event for ILC. Extemporaneous Writing guidelines were reposted to clarify pre-formatting of the Word document. Public Health guideilnes were reposted to clarify that Middle School members must bring hard copies of the Verification Form and Reference Page. Speaking Skills guidelines were reposted to clarify eligibility form process for Middle School members. 
  • 10.8.19 = Dynamic Decisions guidelines were reposted to correct inconsistencies in the allowed preparation time in round 2. 

Middle School Events 


Secondary and Postsecondary/Collegiate Events 

Health Science Events


Health Professions Events

Emergency Preparedness Events


Leadership Events



Teamwork Events


Recognition Events



National Geographic Learning Academic Testing Center 

(Secondary, Postsecondary/Collegiate and Alumni)


**Student must be classified under the provision of the 2004 reauthorized Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) to participate.